New in this release:

    * Enigma2 updated
    * Magic Skin updated
    * XMLTV EPGImport handles UTF-8 now


    * Automatic plugin install
    * LCD screen: Blinking R when recording, changed layout
    * EPG Search works for non-UTF8 encodings like Freesat
    * NETcaster that does not crash
    * Standard Dutch favourites list instead of German
    * Rearranged settings menu
    * Upgraded tuxtxt which enables teletext cache
    * Plugin download screen gets server list no more than once per hour
    * Symlinks in /var to satisfy some softcams
    * Driver updates for DM8000
    * Experimental switch to enable a "home page" service
    * MovieList enhancements: Auto-tagging, playback state icons (beta), directory selection
    * Picons can be downloaded from feed to CF, USB or HDD
    * Dutch translations
    * Downloadable skins
    * Mount manager
    * DVD player
    * Mediaplayer
    * Auto-recovers CCCam.cfg, .ssh dir and dropbear_rsa_key from /hdd/backup
    * Enigma2 (and other components) from 2009-11-07
    * CCcam 2.1.2
    * Freesat EPG (can be disabled in settings)
    * Mediahighway EPG (can be disabled in settings)
    * EPG XMLTV import patch and plugin
    * NZBGet in feed (commandline, use "ipkg install nzbget")
    * ctorrent in feed (commandline)
    * djmount in feed (commandline)

Automated restore

To automatically populate some of your /etc folder, you can place extra files on the harddisk. Create /hdd/backup and /hdd/backup/enigma2, for example using mkdir -p /hdd/backup/enigma2. Copy /etc/enigma2/ to this directory, and they will be restored after installing a new MiLo image.
Automatic plugin install

Create a unix text file, /hdd/backup/autoinstall and put an ipkg package name on each line. You can get a list using ipkg list .... You may also specify file names. For example:


Note that you will need a working network at boot time for this to work, which probably means that you need a DHCP server.