Enigma2 alpha UFS910

team DuckTales proudly presents the next enigma2 alpha image for Kathrein UFS-910.
This image should be seen as a proof of concept - there are many bugs and some hardware
which is not supported at the moment. If you are a developer, and you have experience in
(embedded)hardware/linux-dvb-api coding feel free to contact us - you're welcome!

To test this enigma2 image you need a running nfs server and a serial & network
connection to the receiver.

1. extract the tgz file on the server and set the directory in /etc/exports
for example:

2. restart nfs server

3. connect via serial console to the receiver

4. turn on the receiver and hit enter in serial console
you should see the following prompt:

Hit any *** to stop autoboot: 0

5. customize the follwoing settings to your network environment and type them into the
serial console (without the doublequotes):

"set ipaddr ''"
"set serverip ''"
"set gateway ''"

7. to set the bootargs also type:

"set bootargs 'console=ttyAS0,115200 root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/nfs/release rw ip={$ipaddr}:{$serverip}:{$gateway}: mem=64m coprocessor_mem=4m@0x10000000,4m@0x10400000 nwhwconf=device:eth0,hwaddr:{$ethaddr}'"
"setenv bootcmd 'nfs a5000000 {$serverip}:/nfs/target_enigma2/boot/uImage;bootm a5000000'"

where /nfs/target_enigma2 is the directory you added to /etc/exports

8. to save the settings type "saveenv"

9. simply type "boot" or restart the receiver with the power-switch. now enigma2 should boot.

####### New 26-07-2008 ###########
fixed milky-screen-bug
mediaplayer (avi/xvid, mp3)
record/playback stream
vlc plugin
dvd player
dvb-s2 support up to 1080i, hd-skins
new webif
network setup
indirmek icin tiklayin