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Konu: SoftUSB 1.1

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    Apr 2008

    Standart SoftUSB 1.1

    A new plugin has been released for the Kathrein UFS 910; SoftUSB 1.1. With SoftUSB it's possible to mount a filesystem from external usb storage.

    SoftUSB has the following advantages
    • You can plug your usb-storage in any socket on the UFS 910
    • You can plug any number of other storages at the same time
    • You can edit the whole file system
    • The use of pivot_root instead of chroot
    • SoftUSB starts before any other script is executed, so you have full control of the system
    • If expected usb-storage is not found it will continue booting from flash memory. As for now it won't work with internal hard-disk as root file system.

    Mini HOW-TO
    • Flash Kathrein with t4ndeta-root.img
    • Partition your usb-storage with fdisk or similar tool.
    • You will need at least ext2/ext3 partition and additionaly swap partition.
    • Label (tune2fs) partitions, so you will easily identify them in pvrmain.
    • At this point you will need another usb-device or another partition to store image files.
    • Change current directory (cd) to directory with image files
    • Run script /home/softusb/mkusbconf.sh to configure SoftUSB
    • Run script /home/softusb/install.sh to format partirions and install image to partition


    30 Mar 2008

    Initial release

    12 Apr 2008

    Added install.sh
    Fixed bugs in mkusbconf.sh
    Added fsck support

    DOWNLOAD SoftUSB 1.1
    Grafik Önizlemesi
    Vu+ Duo - DM 500S
    170 cm Mega Hareketli (42⁰'de Beklemede) x2 - Next VBox - 90 cm MultiFeed [(7⁰, 13⁰)x2, 19⁰]
    Toshiba 42Z3030 - LG 42LH2000 - Harman Kardon AVR-4000 Anfi - Bose Acoustimass 10 Hoparlör
    Canon PowerShot S5 IS - 8 GB Toshiba SDHC Bellek

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