openDBedit Version Info
New in 3.0.6
- Fixed connection problem (compare services with services on Dreambox)
- Updated Logos thanks to xaminator
- Fix for services not loading properly because of the MTV Europe entry
(This should work as long as the garbled characters stay the same)

New in 3.0.5
- Just readded fixes and features from the last several versions du to loss of source code
- Updated Graphics
- Added renumber to SID. They way this works, it will set the channelnumber to the SID number
This runs only if you select some services. It also prompts for a number to add to the
channelnumber.. Ie. Select all services, select 0 to add to the renumber, then select
individual sats and select all again and add 1000 or so to the renumber if you have duplicate
SID's (ie. Dish and Bev)

New in 3.0.4
- Able to turn Grid Lines of displays on and off now.
- Fixed the Compare Services display screen. (Most entries showed up in red)

New in 3.0.3
- When double clicking a row in the details screen, focus will shift to the services screen so that it is highlighted.
The selected row in the services screen should be more visible now.
- Able to change IP address on the FTP screen temporarily without affecting the saved profiles. (Happy now?)

New in 3.0.2
- Fixed problem with the service detail screen. Made most of the fields readonly
again. To move services between transponders, just change the TP ID field.
The other TP details for that service will automatically change once the service
list has been saved and reopened. The only downside is, that you will get an error
if the service is used in any bouquets.. (just ignore and re-add your service to
the bouquets of your choice) More help is available on the actual form.

New in 3.0.1
- Added Channel#, Audio, Video, PCR & AC3 ID Fields to the Compare screen now
- Able to edit all Transponder Data in service edit now
- Updated Language pack and included with distribution
- New Graphics