Hack Description

This is a cut down version of the user authentication and access control system I use on the non vB pages on my website.

This uses the vB 4.0 login system to log you in and out. It allows you to move between your forums and other pages on your site while remaining logged in.

It allows you to do things such as restrict pages by usergroup, display different content depending on a user being logged in or not.
For example, you can have banner Adds displaying to non members only, and/or let members access to specific content.

I've cut it down to the bare minimum that it needs to work, no fancy stuff such as avatars, PM's, or even formating. (That is in the Deluxe version - not yet released)

This is not supported, but if any questions / issues are posted here (not PM'ed or emailed) I will try and answer them if I have time.

This code is a mix of my own, and pieces I have used from other hacks that are floating around.

This script has been confirmed as working on
vB 4.0 beta3

Change log

Version 4.00 (15th November 2009)
Initial vB 4.0.x release

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You will get notified if any security issues are reported.
You will get notified when there are any upgrades to this script
It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and motivates me to develop more