This will add a mini statistic to your Forum Home under Whats Going On.
It will display the "Today's Top Thread Starter(s) on Forum Home" in your vBulletin forums.

Enable or Disable Todays Top Thread Starters Modification
Today's top thread starter limit to how many today's top poster showing
Today's top thread starter exclude certain users
Today's top thread starter exclude certain usergroups
Today's top thread starter exclude certain forums
Added an option to include a list of allowed usergroups so we'll be able to configure it in order to make visible only for selected usergroups
Added an option to Top thread starter - Rolling 24 Hours
Todays Top Thread Starters Dispay Pictures
Todays Top Thread Starters Size Thumbnails
Add 1 query to forumhome


just import the todays_top_thread_starter.xml product file via admincp -> product manager -> import/export products

Tested on:
vBulletin 4.0 Beta 3
vBulletin 4.0 Beta 4