What Does This Hack Do?
This is an update to my 3.8.x version of this hack, designed to work with vBulletin v4.0.x.

This simple hack adds usergroup permissions for which Usergroups can view the Site/Forum Leaders page. If a Usergroup does not have permission to view the Site/Forum Leaders page then they will receive a custom vBulletin no permissions message (the message will differ slightly depending on if you have the Publishing Suite or Forum Classic installed - see screenshots), and it will also remove the View Forum Leaders or View Site Leaders link on the forumhome page.

This hack was created because I liked the idea of the request in this thread.

There are no file or template changes at all and is fully phrased.

AdminCP settings for this hack available in vBulletin Options > View Forum Leaders Based On Usergroup Permissions.
Settings that can be changed are:
The phrase for the custom no permissions error page

Usergroup permissions - which groups will be able view the Forum Leaders page (no usergroups can view the Forum Leaders page by default)

vBulletin Version Compatibility
This hack can be used with v4.0.0 Beta 1 and later versions.

For the v3.8.x version of this hack, which will also work with v3.7.x and v3.6.x - check here.

Hack Support
Hack Support/Feature Requests
I will not be providing any support at all to people who have not clicked Mark as Installed.

I will provide limited free support for this hack in this thread only.

Free limited support for this hack is in its unaltered form, and does not include supporting alterations to this hack, custom code, custom template edits and integration with other third-party hacks.

I will only add features to this hack if I find the request interesting and would find it useful to have on one of my sites.

As with all of the hacks I release here for free, I code for fun and code hacks the way I like them, then release them so you can benefit. If I am not interested in adding a feature, do not take offence, it is that is a feature that does not interest me personally.

However, if you would like additional paid support for alterations to this hack, custom code, custom template edits, integration with other third-party hacks or adding features that do not interest me (but you would like added for your site), then feel free to make a paid work request via Private Message (in the PM title you should indicate it is a paid work request), and we can discuss your request. If it is not a paid work request PM, I will more than likely ignore and delete the PM without a response.

Install Instructions
Unzip ms_leaders_ugp_40.zip
Upload bitfield_ms_leaders_ugp.xml to your /includes/xml folder.If upgrading from an earlier version, then overwrite the previous copy.
Import the ms_leaders_ugp_40.xml into vB using the AdminCP Product Manager. If upgrading from an earlier version, then set Allow Overwrite to Yes.
In the Usergroup Manager edit the usergroup(s) you want:
To see the Forum Leaders page (disabled by default for all usergroups).
Note: If you want to change the custom error message that is displayed, you can edit it from the AdminCP Options for this hack.

Uninstall Instructions
Delete the bitfield_ms_leaders_ugp.xml file from your /includes/xml folder.
Uninstall the product in vB using the AdminCP Product Manager.

Version History
v4.0.001 - Tuesday 24th November 2009
-- Initial v4.0.x Release

Thanks go out to Paul M who gave me permission to use some of his install code.

Show Your Appreciation
Although not required, if you have enjoyed the benefits of this hack, and would like show your appreciation for my efforts, then please feel free to click on the Support Developer link and donate any amount you feel is appropriate.