Enigma 21.03.2011 (vuplus-experimental)
Treiber 21.03.2011 ( Changelog )
Plugins 21.03.2011
Skins 21.03.2011

From VTi Team

VTi Panel (Blue Button)

supported languages are Englisch, German, Dutch

VTi Bootlogos and new Radiomode Logo.

short press on blue button opens VTi Panel, long press opens Pluginmenu

Cronjobs full supported

Pure audio disc playback - (USB CD Drive)

Kernel and system enhancements

OE1.6 QT-Webbrowser support

Many enhancements in network and networkbrowserplugin

Support for Windows 7 Samba (CIFS-Server)

Enigma2 Crashlogremover

Swapfile at /media/usb

IPK-Installer search at /media/usb and /tmp

Support for FTDI chipset cardreader like smargo and easymouse2

Running Softcam shown in the Infobar

Device Manager (THX to openee project for code base)

Support for iptable firewall

Support for HDD's > 2TB (THX @SolarTom) (experimental)